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Castle Danger Records



We are a boutique record label, primarily focusing re-releasing vinyl versions of albums that have never seen their time on the media.


Our Story: 


I had been dreaming of doing something, anything to do with music since high school.  I got my first taste my freshmen year in college, getting an opportunity to be a DJ on our college's radio station.  Over the next 6 years, other chances came, with me being in a handful of bands.  Next, saw me running the soundboard at bars for a local band.  More attempts at making music came with the advent of social media.  Fast forward to the mid 2000s when I truly got into vinyl, & found myself not being able to purchase a slew of records that simply just didn't exist.  This is when the wheels started turning.  Fast forward again to 2021, when opportunity met passion.  I started contacting bands, & the response was incredible, with everyone being kind, gracious, & many times, equally sharing my excitement.  All this lands us here, with me hoping to work with myriad artists, across all genres, to bring their music to all of you via the medium of vinyl records. 

Jake Burkhart, Founder, Castle Danger Records

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